Author Sticky Note Planner

Daily/Weekly Planner for Authors

Love sticky notes and writing but hate losing your place when you step away from your desk?

Put those sticky notes to work and never forget where you were in a project again!

Whether you are just starting out or have several books to your name, traditionally published or independent, there is a lot to keep track of as an author. A lot of great daily planners exist for writers, but this undated planner is different. Customize your planner every step of the way with sticky notes and watch yourself make progress toward all your goals whether small or large.

Created by an author for other writers, bloggers, and content creators, this is the most versatile, comprehensive monthly, weekly, and daily planner on the market.Choose a focus task or two, jot down the steps on a sticky note at the bottom of the page, and then cross through the steps as you go. When the task is complete, throw away the sticky note, check it off your task list, and start on to the next task on a fresh sticky note. No more forgetting where you were in the process when you get interrupted; no more trying to keep track of scraps of paper reminders, no more making a mess of your planner.

These planners include the following pages to organize you and your project from planning to publishing:

  • Month at a glance as well as weekly two-page spreads.
  • Task lists with checkboxes.
  • Progress meters.
  • Word count trackers.
  • Daily accounting for ads, sales, and income.
  • Dedicated space for newsletter swaps.
  • Track social media followers.
  • Checklists for various social media platforms.
  • Room to brainstorm newsletter themes, social media posts, and other content.
  • Track your writing and publishing step-by-step.
  • Publishing and release checklists for multiple books.
  • And more...​​

Monthly View Examples

Monthly Two-Page Spread

Weekly Task List Examples

2-page weekly task list spread

Weekly Marketing Examples

2-page weekly marketing spread

Publishing Checklist Examples

The publishing checklist two-page spread.